Backgammon nella terra filippina

It is already known that the Filipino people are fond of gambling. They have invented gambling games of their own, and also have imported a lot of foreign gambling games as well. One gambling game that is enjoyed in the Philippines today is the game of backgammon.

Though this gambling game is not widely played in Filipino casinò today, gambling players still find venues to play this game. A common way to be able to play this game in the Philippines is to gather up your friends. Backgammon kits are available in stores in that country, mostly in bookstores which also sell board games. One can easily find this kit together with others like it, such as chess and games of the generals.

Other gambling Filipinos prefer to play this game online. There are so many online rooms to choose from, the biggest of which is Backgammon Empire. In online sites like these, Filipinos can enjoy backgammon with other players from different parts of the globe. They may use their desktop computers, their laptop, their PDA's or their cellular phones to connect to the internet and enjoy this online game.

Players may also choose to play backgammon offline, and against the computer itself. This is a great chance for players to practice their backgammon skills. In this way, the moment they get to play with real live players, they are more skillful and more prepared than they were before. Filipinos know very well that they can download software of this game from the internet and install them on their computers or cellular phones. Some players prefer installing backgammon on their cellular phones so that they can take backgammon anywhere and practice their talents.

Today, there is still no backgammon tournament sponsored and organized by Filipinos in the country. If players want to enter backgammon tournaments, they should look to international ones instead. However, international tournaments in this game are not as widely popular as the ones in poker are. Therefore, there is a need to better promote these international tournaments to gambling players in the Philippines.

It does not matter that much to Filipinos if they are the ones who invented this game or not. The important thing for them is that they are enjoying the game, plus it also gives them the chance of winning money.